Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm spending my last day of 2009...

by taking care of my dog. I let June out last night and she ate rat poison, lots of it. The pest controller came yesterday and put up these pesticides and rodenticides. I didn't know, so I let her out. We're not too sure if she did eat them or maybe she just hid them in her little treasure holes. My brother was the one that saw her chewing on some dark red tablets. If she can eat rat poison, why can't she eat veges?? Seriously!
So, I gave her a shower in the bathroom this morning to get rid of the clumps of shit stuck to her hair. Then, we brought her to the vet. I couldn't hold her because I had a traumatic experience when I was 10 years old. It was raining heavily and I, being the little brat I am...went and pat her head. She instantly took a bite at me. It didn't hurt much but it bled and after that, I would not hold her anymore.
The vet took her temperature from her butt and took a blood sample from her paw. She wouldn't let the vet touch her much so we had to resolve to a muzzler. It was so sad to see her tearing up and trying to escape. The vet told us that she might have breast cancer. Just when we thought our problems are solved, another came up. We have to observe her and check for lumps.
She's just like any dog, excited and happy during the car ride. We even opened the window to let the wind blow through her hair. I thought she was gonna come out and terrorize the whole KL city when we let her out at the pet store. I prayed that no one will come and pat her head or play with her. Surprisingly, she was pretty calm and okay with it. Just a bit curious here and there. I think she just needs freedom to cure her violence. I blame myself for not training her and letting her out more often.
We were given meds to feed her with. First was the charcoal tablets, which I had to resolve to crushing and cooking it with meatballs. I was afraid she won't eat it, so I put in a lot of garlic, pepper and dried basil. My brother scold me for cooking it because it might not work as well after cooking. He kept saying how June won't see year 2010 and if she dies, it's my fault. Even my mum was like, let's give June away, I'll but you a new dog. But I don't wanna! I want June! She's my first pet.
I still remember when we got her 10 years ago. I was dragging around this toy dog, thinking it's real. My brother and sister were laughing at me. Dad saw us and he flipped through the Yellow Pages to find a dog for us. As little kids exposed to a lot of Disney, we naturally wanted a dalmatian. But dalmatians aren't easy to take care of. So, dad found this owner that wanted to sell off a few of his dog's pups. My memory of it was that the road was called 'Jalan Ayer Panas' and there were a lot of pups, June's siblings...all inside this really long cage. Most of the pups had red eyebags, June was the only one without. But now, after not taking good care of her, she developed her own eyebags. So, we took June home in a paper box lined with newspapers. She wouldn't stop shitting in the car and it smelled like milk. When we arrived home, she kept barking in that screechy tone. She was so tiny and followed us wherever we went. Sigh...if only we took better care of her and trained her.
My hope for next year is that June would be alright.

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Jon said...

I love dogs~ take care of her ya...