Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Was it Enough?

Will I see granny in heaven? I know I will see her again...but will we spend our days together with God? Did she really accept Christ? Did I do enough for her?
This morning I woke up with Muse's Starlight playing. Replied Sue's message and went to the loo. I saw my parents' bedroom door open. That's weird...Dad said he will only go out at 12pm today. What's weirder is that my mum who usually wakes up at 9am is not in bed. Even my maid's not at home. I have a bad feeling.
Called my mum. She said nonchalantly, "Passed away already..." I knew it was coming. Just thinking about it I thought I will cry my heart out. I didn't. I just crawled back into bed and cried a little. I can't help wondering if she really did accept Christ in her heart. I texted my sister about it and tried sleeping again. She called me an hour later, asking about the funeral date. She asked me to go to YAflame blog to read her post.
I wonder if my sister and I are the only ones who care about Granny's death. Maybe not. Mum was acting pretty nasty today. She snapped at me because of simple matters. Dad was pretty cool about it. To the extent of calling my grandma's death a migration when announcing it to our relatives. He was sitting on the chair beside me just now...staring into space. For that 5 minutes, he actually seemed like a little boy, wondering where his mummy is.
I was looking at some photos just now..when I was a little baby. I was really close to granny. I took a lot of photos with her. I will always remember the things she always told me...the legacy she left for her family.


meliawong said...

dear, i'm sorry to hear that. sending condolences to u and ur family. let us know if anything we can help. i'm proud of u for having the courage to share God's love with ur grandma.. u indeed inspired me..hang on and take care..

さきょう said...

Your previous post.
It is really brave.
Really really brave.
I can never do something like that in the whole of my life.
Even though I'm a little outspoken.
But that kind of bravery, it's not in me.

I'd never been so right in trusting and admiring your ways.
You are just.. GOOD.. if that's the right word.

Stay strong.