Saturday, February 14, 2009

Me Name

For 17 years of my life...everyone has asked me over and over again, "Oh, you have four names? That's weird.." when I tell them my name's See Tho Wai Siong. That's all okay...but what comes to annoy me is when people call me by weird names based on my Chinese name. I've got See, Tho, Wai, Siong, See Tho, Tho Wai, Wai Siong, Tho Wai Siong, Toto, Siong Siong and even more ridiculous ones before. They just assume See is my family name and Tho Wai Siong is my name. Well lemme tell you now to all those that has made fun of my name...I'm proud of my family name! As it turns out, See Tho is one of the few remaining Chinese compound surname which means Minister over the Masses(One of the Three Excellencies of the Han Dynasty). Other's like Ouyang, Shangguan and Sima have also survived the test of time.

司徒 / Sītú / Si1 Tou4 / Tư Đồ / Sa Do (사도) / Shito

Whichever variation in any language it is..I'm still proud to be a See Tho.

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